Why Use Stable Value Monitoring?

  • Stable Value Data is not accessible from other data sources

  • Current Money Market Fund Regulations and scrutiny will dramatically increase usage of Stable Value Products

  • Stable Value Investments are very different than Mutual Funds and demand different data for analysis




Stable Value Monitoring Toolkit

  • Performance data and fund profiles for 50 Stable Value fund products

  • An Educational Overview on Stable Value Funds

  • Plan Sponsor Educational Materials

  • Quarterly Update and Commentary on the Stable Value market.




Stable Value Database Highlights

  • Most comprehensive database of Stable Value Product data available.

  • 50 Stable Value Product Profiles available, more to be added by Advisor request.

  • Includes all three types of Stable Value Products

  • Product Profiles list all share-class and fee information on one master Product Profile.

  • Performance data available for all Stable Value Product share-classes, over 250 available!




Access & Subscriptions

  • FirmPlus Subscribers can add Stable Value Monitoring onto their current FirmPlus Subscription at any time

  • Advisors who don’t subscribe to FirmPlus can also receive access to Stable Value Product Profiles


Up Next


Coming Soon

  • Stable Value Comparison & Selection Tool

  • Stable Value Evaluation Criteria & Scoring