RFP Generation & Distribution

Your time is incredibly valuable, so why waste it? We specifically designed RFP Director to ensure that the process of creating and distributing Provider RFPs is easy, simple, and fast. Getting your RFP out-the-door only takes a few steps, and then you can get back to spending your time where it matters, with your clients.

RFP Generation Graphic
  • Setting up your opportunity is completed in a few simple steps
  • Request a Full RFP or Benchmarking
  • Request Full Pricing (with a line-up) or Required Revenue Only.
  • Leverage Standard Questions into your RFP
  • Create Custom Questions to address specific client needs
  • Include attachments when sending RFP invitations
  • Create templates for all configuration steps for even faster setup
  • Include your preferred or local provider representative into your RFP invitation
  • Create simple or extensive RFPs to fit your various clients needs